GenAI Chatbot Scenarios in Higher Education

This activity is a group discussion prompt but it can also be interesting as a solo activity just as a thought experiment.

There are many potential applications for generative AI chatbots in education. Companies are rushing various products to market and they might take on a variety of forms. The following cards put forth some potential scenarios for generative AI chatbots in higher education.

Step One:

Read through the different scenarios on each card, do not flip cards over at this stage just slide through the different cards reading the scenarios.
Make note of the number if one stands out and choose one or two that resonate with you.
These could be ones you think are a good idea but it could also be ones you think are a horrible idea. Just choose one or two that stand out to you.

Step Two:

After you have chosen a scenario flip the card and read the considerations on the back side.
Sit with the scenario and think about the pros and cons of the scenario.
Make a list of possible pros and cons or otherwise take notes on your scenario. 

Step Three

Discuss with your group

There are not right or wrong answers here but the cards are meant to help you think about the different implications of AI in education.
Don’t just consider the positives but also the negatives around each kind of use. 

Don’t forget to consider the substantial impacts on climate and human labor that go into creating and maintaining generative AI.